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About Us

At Skinny, we believe that true happiness and wellbeing go hand in hand - like strawberries and cream, or chocolate and peanut butter. To us, being truly happy is to be truly healthy. Because that’s when we’re our best selves, right? Ultimately, we believe that true happiness should be totally guilt free...which is why we made it possible.


When it comes to fitness fads and daft diet culture, we sit firmly on the body-positive side of the fence (the side that has all the snacks on…) which explains why we took Kate Moss’s famous quote “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” and put our own spin on it. “Nothing tastes as good as Skinny Bars” is our alternative, that simply says “do one!!” to fad diet culture and unrealistic limits that make us hangry and sad.


That’s because we know that being “skinny” isn’t the end goal in life - but being happy definitely is. Our Mission is to show our Skinny Fam that there’s nothing more important than feeling good about yourself, all year round - no matter what life throws at you. We also know that life is blimmin’ busy, which is why our deliciously low-calorie range has been specially designed for on-the-go snackers, who don’t have time to feel guilty.


Finding snacks that are friendly to your body and your purse are hard to come by, so we think we’ve got a pretty special thing going on here at skinny. Oh, and trust us when we say that what we lack in calorie count, we more than make up for with our scrumptious flavours! meaning there’s zero guilt when it comes to having that second, third or fourth (!) bar…


So welcome to our happy, healthy skinny community. we’re here for everyone, with a different flavour to suit every mood, and a different snack type for every moment. one thing that’s never different though - it’s always a bite of guilt-free goodness.