How to be a Winner Everyday in 2023

It’s been a tough ol’ couple of years, but at Skinny HQ we’re not letting that get us down and we’re looking ahead to all the possibilities that 2022 has to offer! We don’t know about you, but our New Year’s Resolution is that we want to get more joy out of our everydays!



It’s been a tough ol’ couple of years, but at Skinny HQ we’re not letting that get us down and we’re looking ahead to all the possibilities that 2023 has to offer! We don’t know about you, but our New Year’s Resolution is that we want to get more joy out of our everydays! We know that it’s the everyday small wins that add up to be a massive winner of a year, so here’s our five top tips for getting more wins out of your 2023:

  1. Be a yes (wo)man!

Remember that film Yes Man? Instead of saying ‘nah’ to that invitation, or that opportunity, 2023 is the year of saying ‘yes’! You don’t want to get to 2023 ( how is it 2024 next year?) regretting the things you didn’t do, you want to be a winner, so say it with us: YES!

  1. Give yourself a ‘me’ moment!
    Getting decent rest and me-time is totally necessary for us not to burn out, and it’s fab for our mental health. Giving yourself a min to sit with your feet up while the kids are in bed, crack open a bottle of wine or have a soak in a bubble bath is a little win! We never feel more like a winner than when we’re well rested and well-wined!
  1. Treat yo’self!
    Giving yourself a little treat everyday, like reading a trash mag or having a  cheeky Skinny bar on a lunch break or as a reward adds up to make a big difference to your week. Plus, believe it or not, eating choccie can actually make you a happier person, read all about it here! So grab a Skinny Bar, and a cuppa and pat yourself on the back for the little wins you’ve had so far today, you deserve it!
  1. Make lists (Chrimbo puns are unfortunately over now, otherwise we’d talk about checking it twice!)

Making check-lists of your ‘to-do’s are not only great for organising yourself, but also create that happy, rewarding feeling of achieving something every time you tick a task off. Every tick equals a little win! Go you!

  1. Ditch that vice!

We’ve all got one – that one thing that we wish we could give up, but haven’t *quite* got around to yet. Well, imagine how HUGE that win would be if you could say you ditched that vice this time next year! Whether it’s smoking, multiple coffees a day, *ahem* a certain man (we see you), now is the time to stand on your own without it: you’re worth that win.

Chatting with you lovely lot on social media is the best part of our day, and we want to celebrate every little win with you so make sure you tag us in all your wins on Instagram and Facebook, so we can be your champion and cheerleaders!

Love Skinny HQ xox

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