5 Ways to Celebrate Galentine’s Day!

The time is here to gather all your gal pals, order in the snacks and line up allll the chick-flick movies because Galentine’s Day is round the corner!

The time is here to gather all your gal pals, order in the snacks and line up allll the chick-flick movies because Galentine’s Day is round the corner! Yep, Valentine’s Day may be all about romantic lurrrve, but 13th February is the day to celebrate our fave kind of love: friendship! Whether you’re happily a single pringle, head over heels in love or somewhere in between (don’t get us started on the ‘it’s complicated’s), taking a day to mark the importance of the friendships we have with our gal pals can only be a good thing, right!?

To help you and your BFFs celebrate the day, we’ve got a lovely little list of ways you can make this Galentine’s one for you and your BFFs to remember, whether you can be together, or over Facetime:

📺 Line up the Chick-Flicks…

Honestly, what better way to relax and celebrate girl-power than a good ol’ chick-flick? Curl up with a blanket and some popcorn on the couch with your gals, or even press play online at the same time and watch with your self-isolating pals. We’ve compiled a handy little list of our faves if you need some inspo, and even linked them to Netflix to make it even easier to sit back and relax:

  • Legally Blonde
  • Thelma and Louise
  • Mean Girls
  • Pitch Perfect
  • Clueless
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  • Bridesmaids
  • The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants
  • When Harry Met Sally
  • Dreamgirls

🧁 Time for snacks…

Cheese and biscuits, popcorn and choccie are all sure to make your Galentine’s a tasty one. If you want to get creative with your pals and make your snacking a whooole experience though, why not try making some scrummy dessert recipes together, that won’t make you worry about the cals? Our fave Skinny recipes to make with friends is our indulgent Skinny Dream Chocolate Toffee Gooey Brownies, Skinny Choc Toffee Dream S’mores, Skinny Whip Mint & Dark Choc Eton mess and Skinny Crunch Sticky Toffee Cheesecake [LINK TO ALL ON BLOG]: all lower cal, all yum, yum, yummy! You can either make these in your kitchen together, or get on FaceTime and bake away in your own homes (which also means you don’t have to share the goods…)

💅🏽 Have a spa-tactular Galentine’s! 

Any excuse to have a lil spa evening is a good one in our books. Make the most of your evening with your girls and turn it into an opportunity to relax. Light some candles, whack on the spa music and give each other a mani-pedi (we love using this gel manicure kit with our BFFs), crack out those facemasks you *keep* meaning to use, and make use of all those toiletries sets you got for Chrimbo! You’re all worth it!

🎨 Paint and sip…

Oooh how fancy: crack out a bottle of your fave vino, and get in some painting supplies (like this and these and have a giggle as you all sit round creating art and getting tipsy. You could turn it into a competition to see who creates the best picture! This is one you could do over FaceTime too!

🍹 Fancy a cock-tale? 

This isn’t as rude as it sounds, you cheeky thing! Gather your gals together, put your names in a hat, then draw a name each. Create a cocktail that represents the person you draw, then guess who is which cocktail! For example, if your friend is caring and sweet, but has a feisty diva side with a kick: a fruity cocktail with a spicy spirit kick would soo be her as a cocktail! Don’t forget your garnish, and have fun!

We hope you love these Galentine’s Day ideas as much as we do and gives you that perfect way to celebrate your best gal-pals. If you decide to do any of these activities, make sure you tag us in your social posts, @skinny_bars so we can celebrate your friendship with you!

Happy G-Day, ladies 💕

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