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Skinny Crunch Chocolate Orange Mug Cake

Skinny Crunch Chocolate Orange Mug Cake

Well don't we have a treat for you...another instalment of our amazing, indulgent and delicious dessert recipes, perfect for when it’s time for a little bit more of what you fancy. As usual all ideas include a Skinny Bar twist too, obvs. Each recipe is quick, simple and faff-free no Bake Off skills required over here! 

If you would rather watch the video recipe you can find it on our page here.

It’s now time to dig-in to one of our low cal Skinny Puds, without a side dish of guilt or naughtiness…


So, how's it done?? (this ones super easy...)

  1. Mix the flour, baking powder, coca powder and low cal sweetener in a small mug.
  2. Add the melted low cal spread, water and vanilla - mix well until smooth
  3. Crumble in your Skinny Crunch Chocolate Orange bar and mix through the batter - make sure to save some pieces to sprinkle on top
  4. Microwave for 30 seconds or until just firm to the touch
  5. Sprinkle your remaining Skinny Crunch Chocolate Orange bar on top
  6. Dust on top with cocoa powder and enjoy!

So there we have it, another fab Skinny Recipe. Make sure to tag us in your own recipes on social media and if there are any delicious recipes you would like us to make please let us know!!

Lot's of Love,

Team Skinny xx

Skinny Crunch Chocolate Orange Mug Cake