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What to eat before and after a workout

When it comes to our recommended exercise, we all know the drill. Move every day for at least an hour – whether it’s a run, walk, or hitting the gym, yada yada! But what we don’t always know is exactly what we should be putting in our bods before and after we’ve had a tough workout sesh.

Here we break it down with some meal and snack inspo that will help you to fuel up and refuel before and after burning those cals! 


Pre-workout inspo

  • Hard boiled eggs and avo on toast

Avocado toast always seems to hit the spot, doesn’t it? A hard boiled, or even fried egg on top for added protein is a great way to set you up for an exercise sesh. Season with a bit of salt and pepper or even add a bit of ketchup and chilli flakes for extra flavour.

  • Rice cakes with almond butter

If you’re gluten-free or just not a toast fan, this is a fab pre workout alternative to power you up for your day. Rice cakes are also super cheap and will last longer than a loaf of bread too, so you can keep a supply in your pantry.

  • Chicken, sweet potato and green beans

Protein and friendly carbs are the key when it comes to preparing to do some serious burn. This combo is great to prepare for dinner the night before and then reheated the next day as leftovers.

  • Hummus and carrots

Hummus has been making waves in the exercise community thanks to all of its nutritional content. It’s choker block full of macronutrients, vitamins and minerals which will do just the trick when it comes to powering you up for a gym sesh! Carrots also make the perfect low calorie accompaniment.

  • Protein smoothie

We were super surprised when we realised just how tasty protein powder can actually be when mixed into a shake! We like to add a few scoops with some cold almond milk and a little honey. You can even add in some leafy greens for an extra pre-exercise boost!

Post-workout inspo 

  • Granola

Granola is wonderful because it provides healthy fats, carbs (from the oats) fibre and a good source of protein.

  • An omelette

Whether it’s a veggie omelet with onions, spinach, peppers and cheese, or one with some sliced ham or chorizo – you truly can’t go wrong with a good old omelette! All that eggy goodness will have you refueled in no time thanks to all that protein. 

  • Apple and peanut butter

This combo is the perfect antidote to your sweet cravings. They provide energy, fiber and a sweet crunch. Slather on a tablespoon of peanut butter and you’ve got yourself a great snack.

  • A chicken salad wrap 

Wraps made with whole-grain bread filled with the likes of chicken, lettuce or tomatoes will give you a winning combo of complex carbohydrates and protein, which gives you a post-workout insulin surge and helps your muscles repair themselves. Perfect if you’ve had a super grueling weights sesh! 

  • Tuna pasta

A simple bowl of mayo, chopped up spring onion, canned tuna and cooked pasta makes the perfect post-workout grub, thanks to its super high fibre content and essential carb content. Just be careful not to overdo it with the amount of pasta and exercise your potion control powers.

  • A Skinny Crunch bar

Our Skinny Crunch bars are packed with essential friendly fibre which helps to boost your blood sugar levels after you’ve done all of your moving and shaking! Their carb content will also help you to gain back the energy you spent during your workout, and all for less than 75 cals a piece! Oh, and they’ll also help restore a post-workout smile to your face because they’re totally blimmin’ delicious…

So there you have it you lovely lot! Some delicious inspiration to help you when you’re wondering what to eat before and after your workout!

Have a lovely week!
Lots of Love,
Team Skinny xx