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The surprising benefits of a cheeky skinny dip (and the best places to have one…)

Here at Skinny, we’ve been making an effort to live our most carefree lives lately. So when we found out that yesterday was International Skinny Dip Day, you can imagine our flippin’ excitement! To us, the beauty of a skinny dip isn’t just about being in a fancy hot tub or on a gorgeous beach – it’s about feeling good about ourselves in our nakey bods and embracing the chance to live life without any boundaries. But what actually are the benefits of going for a cheeky skinny dip? Here are a couple of reasons you should be taking the plunge this summer…

Being near nature 

If you choose to have a little dip outside in the open then this is the ultimate chance to be at one with Mother Nature herself! One of the best things about choosing to have a cheeky dip is finding the perfect scenic spot. Whether it’s a serene lake or in the shallows of a sea cove – there’s plenty of gorgeous spots all over the UK to give it a try! (See our quick guide at the end of this blog for some inspo).

Super for our skin

Did you know that when we’re naked we actually sweat out even more toxins than usual? That’s great news for our skin and can even give us a gorgeous glow…

It’s good for your bod and gut

If you’re skinny dipping in the sun then you’re sure to be getting your vitamin D fix this summer! Vitamin D has loads of benefits, including the fact it gives your immune system a brilliant little boost, as well as helping with your heart and bone health too. Happy days!

A cheeky confidence boost

One of the best parts about skinny dipping is that it normalises being nakey. Hallelujah! Think about it: the more time we spend in the knack, the easier it should become over time to feel comfortable in our own skin. Not only that, seeing others naked in a kind and open environment means that we’ll also learn to appreciate the gorgeous and unique body types of others too…

Say yes to the dress

Once you begin to really love and appreciate your naked bod, you’ll then be able to understand its natural shape even better. This might even give you the extra confidence to start really accentuating your gorgeous form. So if there’s a pair of skinny jeans you’ve been worrying about buying, or a piece of sexy swimwear you didn’t think you could pull off – worry no more! It’s time to get more comfortable with your bod, and it’s time to order that killer outfit to wear with confidence!

A bit of me time

Ultimately, being nakey is something that a lot of people feel most comfortable doing in private – which means skinny dipping is done solo a lot. And what better “me time” can you think of than dipping yourself into a luscious lagoon for a serene naked swim? And if there’s no lagoon close by, there’s always the bathtub and a Skinny bar, eh!

Deciding where to dip? We’ve got a couple of suggestions for the perfect spot…

Just remember to take a quick look around first and check you’re dipping in private… then strip off and dive in!

  • Newnham Riverbank, Cambridge

This place is real skinny dipping heaven. Take a dip in the plush banks of the riverbank, where a “clothing optional policy” means you can bare all if you’re feeling cheeky enough! You can also grab a sunbathing spot and head to one of their legendary communal BBQs.

  • Lumb Falls, near Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire

This quiet and cute outdoor swimming pool is surrounded by green ferns, with mossy cliffs and even small waterfalls! Okay, so the water might be a tad muddy and cold, but a great place to strip off and plunge in and massage your shoulders with the flowing waterfalls…

  • Lady Falls, Brecon Beacons, Powy

The perfect spot for a bit of wild swimming, this gorgeous waterfall flows into a plunge pool that’s warm and clear in the summer. For your best chance of a sunny skinny dip in this perfect pool, head down super early to avoid the crowds (especially the family day trippers!).