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Skinny Whip Latte & Chocolate

Skinny Whip Latte & Chocolate

Heads up for a PSA (Public Skinny Announcement): our much anticipated Skinny Whip Latte is now online

We announced the arrival of this delicious new flavour on socials and you all went wild for her, and while she’s been happily picked up in B&M stores UK-wide, we thought we’d give even more of you the chance to get your mitts on the yumminess! 

So if you’re not near a B&M, can’t be bothered to get out in the crowds, love online shopping or have already eaten your way through the boxes you picked up in your latest shop (tips for how to make sure your food shop stretches here!) then you can simply click here and you’ll be taken to a Latte-land of chocolatey tastiness to order away to your heart’s content!

Psst… while you’re over there, don’t forget to stock up on our oldie-but-goodie flavours, and get stocking up the low-cal snack drawer. 

Let us know over on socials when you’ve got your boxes on their way, and we’ll make sure to package them up extra carefully for you!

Happy online shopping,

Skinny Family