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Seven Affirmations for More Self Love From Skinny

Here at Skinny, we’ve been making a big effort lately to live a life that’s a little more carefree. And we believe that to live a life that’s a bit more chilled, a good place to start is by showing ourselves some real self love first! 

But how exactly can we show ourselves a little bit of extra lovin’? We’re not just talking about the obvious stuff: manicures, face masks, a nice bath etc. Don’t get us wrong, we love a bit of pampering – but we’re thinking about taking self-love one step further. We’re talking about self-love that’s spoken out loud. Yep – it sounds a little bit mental, but apparently saying nice things to ourselves out loud can actually help to boost our confidence and self-esteem. Welcome to the world of positive affirmations! 

What are positive affirmations?

Okay so – positive affirmations are short posi statements that are said out loud to bust through any negative beliefs we might have about ourselves. The theory goes that when practised on the reg, a positive affirmation that’s repeated a couple of times a day can genuinely help us to make long lasting, long term changes to the ways that we think and feel about our lovely selves!

They’re also a great way of setting and keeping focused on our inner goals, and the more determined you are to make a change the better they will work for you! So, to get you started off on your first week of positive self-talk, we’ve come up with seven positive affirmations to say out loud to yourselves, a couple of times a day. We like to say our posi affirmations while looking in the mirror, maybe just after we’ve brushed our teeth in the morning, or when we’re getting dressed for the day ahead.

If you feel a bit too daft saying yours out loud, no worries! Some people like to write their positive messages down on post-it notes instead. You can pop them on the fridge door, on the dashboard of your car, on your bathroom mirror – anywhere where you’re likely to see the message a couple of times a day. An affirmation said in your head will still do the trick! So, here are our seven positive affirmations to get your self-talk journey started…

1. Monday 

Let’s face it…Monday’s are tricky! A million things to do and lists coming out of your ears! It’s time to remind yourself that you got this. Say this one out loud:

“I do my best every day, and my best is enough!”

Repeat 5 times! 

2. Tuesday

We’re making Tuesday’s all about self-acceptance. Repeat after us…

“I love myself for exactly who I am.”

Say it loud x5!

3. Wednesday

It’s time for a little hump day boost. Today’s self lovin’ goes something like this:

“I believe in my dreams and I can reach my goals.”

You know the drill by now, say it five times… Even ten if you feel like it!

4. Thursday 

Today we’re reminding ourselves to never settle for less… 

“I deserve all of the love and happiness!”
Yep, you absolutely do 

5. Friday 

With the weekend nearly here, what better time to remind ourselves that great times are just around the corner…

“Good things are coming my way!”

6. Saturday 

We’re going big, confident and LOUD with this one to get the weekend started:

“My body is a thing of BEAUTY

You said it, sis.

7. Sunday 

We’re ending our week of self-love affirmations with a reminder that’s sweet, simple, but super important: 

“I am so loved.”
Yep, you blimmin’ well are. Especially by us at Skinny HQ 

So there you have it – our seven affirmations to take you through an entire week of self-love! 

Have a fab week!

Lot’s of Love,

Team Skinny xx