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How To Burn Calories While Watching TV

So we’ve all heard about the negative health consequences of sitting on our bums and not moving… Yes yes yes, we know that never moving about is bad for us, and that everyone needs to exercise at least a little bit to get those calories burning! But what if we were to tell you that you can actually burn those cals without even leaving the house? In fact, what if we told you it was possible to get your burn on at the same time as watching your fave Netflix show? 

We bet you think we’re telling porkies – but we’re not! It’s actually much easier than you think to make a dent in that calorie deficit. While your work, TV habits, or just general tiredness may mean that your activity levels can be low at times – but there are also loads of really simple steps you can take to still maintain your health, even in between sitting on your tush! Repeating healthy habits and quick exercises can jolt your metabolism, boost calorie burning, and even help you to stop overeating. By moving around just a little every day, you can make sure that your body carries on burning calories, even when you’re just chilling.

So here’s four super simple ways you can get burning while watching Corrie! 

Do a bit of housework as you watch 

Love it or loathe it, housework is a fact of life that we can’t avoid! At Skinny HQ, we find one thing that eases the pain of the weekly living room clean is to have our fave show on in the background. So even if reaching for that feather duster fills you with dread, at least it’s good to know we can get burning some cals by having a major polishing and hoovering sesh, made all the more bearable by an episode of The Crown being on in the background. It’s time to channel your inner Mrs Doubfire and get moving and shaking as you dust that cabinet! You’ll be surprised just how many calories it can actually bust through!

A HIT advert break 

One of the best ways to counter the laziness of a TV day is to get moving during the ad breaks. Okay so maybe not during every break – that could get intense! But let’s say you’re watching your fave hour long detective drama and there are four breaks. Well, why not do a different burst of exercise for each one of them? The average advert break lasts about three and a half mins, and you’d be super surprised just how many calories you can burn from just 210 seconds of quick movement! Give this a go next time you’re tuning in to Mare of Easttown – we promise it’ll make a real difference!

  • Ad break one: none stop star jumps 
  • Ad break two: quick high knees
  • Ad break three: imaginary skipping rope jumps 
  • Ad break four: sprinting on the spot

Have a good old stretch 

Good news! It doesn’t just have to be super intense movement that gets your blood pumping. Having a long stretch in front of the TV can feel gorgeously satisfying, as well as burning those calories too. There’s a reason why yoga keeps people so toned! But you don’t have to be seasoned yogi to enjoy the benefits of a cheeky stretch. In fact, there’s loads of stretching for beginners videos on YouTube which will be gentle on your bod, but also have you moving about enough to burn some cals. Check out some vids and get memorising the moves – that way you can get your stretch on while you’re watching your fave boxset, and get rid of calories without even noticing. 

Sip on some green tea 

Our go-to drink when we’re on a TV binge is either a cuppa (or 10…) or a fat glass of vino! But by making the switch to a mug of green tea instead, this could surprisingly really help with weight loss and calorie burning. Although it obvs isn’t as effective as an ad break workout, it does contain a clever little antioxidant called catechins,which works with caffeine to supposedly boost your metabolic rate, therefore making you burn more calories – even when you’re sat watching the telly! 

Laugh more! 

We love to hear this one. Believe it or not, a proper belly laugh can genuinely help you to burn more cals. There’s been a load of studies over the years to prove that laughter has all kinds of benefits for the human bod, both mentally and physically. One even found that a good old lol increases your heart rate by about 10-20% more than when you’re resting. So to do the maths, just 10 to 15 mins of laughter can help you burn about 10 to 40 more calories. That’s nearly half a whole Skinny Whip – all from just watching Friends! 

So there ya have it – our top five ways to bust those calories while you’re watching a bit of telly! Now that’s our kind of exercise. With all this chat of calories, it’d be rude not to remind you just how few of them there are in every one of our scrummy treats. Every single one comes in below 99 cals, and every single one is absolutely delish. Head over to our online store today to stock up on your next Skinny Bar fix, and make sure you’ve got your fave flavour in for your next Netflix binge! 

Lot’s of Love,

Team Skinny xx