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Four reasons to ditch those fad diets!

From grapefruit cleanses to green juice regimes, to ‘healthy’ shakes and no-carb plans – fad diets are all around us and it looks as though they’re here to stay… 

Is it just us, or does it sometimes feel like there’s a new quick-fix plan hitting the headlines every other blimmin’ week which promises to solve our weight loss stresses overnight? If only! It seems the real truth is that no plan – no matter how trendy or which celeb promotes it – is truly a substitute for a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Of course, if you only drink that green juice for an entire week then you might fit into your fave old jeans pretty quickly, but when it comes to keeping those extra pounds off long-term, there surely must be a better way?

We take a look at four reasons you should ditch that daft new diet craze of yours, in favour of more healthy ways of living that won’t turn you into a hangry monster! 

Not eating is cheating…

It’s sad but it’s true, there’s no shortcut for shedding those extra pesky pounds that we want to get rid of quickly. Many of the fad diets we see around work by restricting calories, often to the point where you can feel pretty rubbish! Depriving yourself of the amount of food your body needs to function can lead to you having headaches, dizziness, tiredness, and even anger spells (we can relate!) By choosing a quick-fix diet, you might lose a few pounds, but it’ll only be a matter of time before your willpower disappears, and you’ll more than likely end up ordering that emergency midnight pizza and waking up full of regret. Eating little and often instead is the key rather than trying to run on empty… 

Your body deserves better!

There’s no way on earth that a diet of nothing but celery and cabbage can give your bod all of the nutrients it needs to be its best self. Super low-calorie diets can lead to nutrient deficiencies, and let’s not forget that the whole point of losing weight is to get healthier, not weaker! We know that you lot are a busy bunch – doing the school runs, getting the shopping in, looking after everybody else – so there’s no way you can do all of that on an empty tum… Don’t forget, if you’re having a really busy day on the go, then snacking on a Skinny Crunch bar can give you a fibre-packed pick me up!

Food is our friend

And don’t you forget it! So many of these daft fad diets only encourage us to punish ourselves when it comes to food, under the disguise of this being ‘healthy’ (pft!) In reality, the key to long-lasting, healthy weight loss is to have a happy relationship with food and be able to recognise when we’re eating too much or too little. Fad diets can be risky when it comes to how they make us view our relationship with food too, especially when it comes to carbs. The reality is, we need a nicely balanced diet to be our healthiest selves, and guess what – this includes carbs in moderation too! *Yay!*

Your bank balance will thank you

Many fad diets these days aren’t just here to ‘help’ you – there’s often a catch… Whether this is asking you to sign up to a random website subscription or paying upfront to ‘unlock’ more recipes and tips, unfortunately, it can be all too easy to get sucked into a money-making scheme that ain’t designed to help you! Oh, and don’t forget about the added cost to your weekly shop. Some diets which involve complicated meals prep and products can see your supermarket bill skyrocket when compared to homemade healthy meals that you can make on the cheap that are just as healthy and delish.

Here at Skinny HQ, we know that everyone’s weight loss journey can be tough at times, which is precisely why the occasional cheeky snack is sometimes exactly what we all need! We’ve created each of our bars to give you a scrumptious snacking experience that’s totally guilt-free, so you can still have a little bit of what you fancy, even when you’re being good. 

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