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Five ways to count calories without losing the plot

Ahh…counting those pesky calories. We know it works, but it can feel like a bit of a drag sometimes, can’t it? We’re not the biggest fans of mental maths here at Skinny HQ, and we sure as heck don’t like setting too many limits on ourselves either. So totting up those calories can sometimes feel like a pain in the bum. 

But fear not! There are a couple of ways you can keep track of your cals without feeling like you’re going bonkers. Here are our top five ways to make counting calories easy peasy…

1) Get a tracking app 

After a while of trying (and failing) to tot up calories in our iPhone calculators, it was a blimmin’ revelation to find out that there are a bunch of apps that can do this for us! Our fave one is MyFitnessPal, which has a cheeky feature that lets you simply scan your food packaging barcodes with your phone camera, and it will automatically track them for you. It’ll also give you helpful motivational prompts and let you know if you’re eating too much or (heaven forbid) – too little! 

2) Keep a food diary

So you’ve got your app to do all the counting – but what about tracking how you’re actually feeling about your calorie-controlled diet? It’s seriously important to pay close attention to your body and your mood when you’re sticking to a food regime. By jotting down a couple of notes a week on how you feel after certain meals, you can help to monitor which calorific foods are helping you to feel fabulous, and which are maybe making you feel a bit rubbish! You can then make changes to your diet when you read your entries back. 

3) Try to track as you go

Whether you’re keeping a diary or inputting to an app – try to track your snacks and meals as soon as you’ve ate them. This way, tracking your cals and adding them up will feel less like doing homework at the end of the day, and you’ll build the habit of tracking into your routine after a while without even realising. 

4) Keep thinking of the bigger picture

Listen, no matter how good our intentions are, we’re all gonna have those days where we went a *tad* overboard on the biscuits! Especially with the world opening back up again, heading out to your favourite restaurant and indulging in a slap-up meal ain’t no crime! You might have the odd day where you’ll go way over your calorie goals – but you know what? That’s fine! Just start again tomorrow with fresh goals and intentions. You got this.

5) Be kind to yourself and keep going!

Remember counting calories will only have the results you want if you’re being kind to yourself in the meantime. After all, isn’t the point of going on a wellness journey to get healthier and happier? Don’t be too hard on yourself, and don’t put too many limits on the foods that make your tummy smile. After all, our Skinny Bars will always be under 99 cals – so we’ve got your back! 

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Go on, you deserve it!