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5 Ways to Organise your Pantry

We’ve all seen pantry porn on Pinterest right? Those immaculate lines of jars, the wicker baskets, the rows of colour-coordinated snacks. Soooo dreamy. 

The reality is that most of us have probably found a tin of tomato soup at the back of our cupboard that’s old enough to be sprouting legs and moving itself out. Or we’ve had the Leaning Tower of Pasta packets topple over on us from that top shelf when we’ve opened our pantry door. Well, with these five top tips, that will be a thing of the past you’ll be one (or five) steps closer to being Pinterest-worthy! 

First things first: purge

When organising your pantry, it’s essential to pull everything out and look at what you have. This way you can throw out everything that’s expired, or donate anything you aren’t interested in keeping to family, friends or good causes.

Invest in a set of containers

Say goodbye to having four half filled bags of rice in your pantry. There is no better way to immediately organise your pantry for those bulk necessities than investing in a matching set of containers. They can be transparent like a large Kilner jar, or tins in a colour that matches your kitchen, it depends on your style. They can be stackable, or just neatly in one row. Either way, it’ll put an end to stuffing bags of dried goods in any old gap in the pantry, and look bloody marvellous while doing it. 

Grab a label-maker

Petition to change the Beyonce lyrics to ‘if you liked it then you shoulda put a label on it’? While label makers might be all the rage at the minute, they don’t just look *majorly* pleasing to the eye, they are also ridiculously useful. We’re not even going to admit the amount of times we’ve used salt instead of sugar in a recipe purely because the jar wasn’t labelled!

Organise into baskets and trays

Remember that poor, forgotten tomato soup we mentioned? Here’s our solution: baskets and trays. You’ll make sure you can always see what you have in already by placing tins and snacks in trays or baskets, so you can pull out the entire tray and see all the products at once when you want to search for something. Not only that, but you can group different types of food together to cut down on the search time: who wants to be pulling tins of pineapple out of the way when they’re actually looking for tuna, or a Taco-kit box when they’re searching for a Skinny Bar? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Spice up your pantry

If you have one of those drawers or cupboards that’s a constant mess of spice jars and packets of random herbs, then this one is for you. Getting a spice rack that can attach to the wall or inside of the pantry door and decanting your spices into small matching jars will both free up storage space elsewhere, but it will also make sure you can always see what flavours you have in your cooking tool-kit. 

Not only is it economical to be able to keep an eye on food that might be going out of date, it’s pretty much a matter of safety when you have food tins that could fall on your toes at any minute because they’ve been shoved in any which way. So let’s get that pantry in tip-top shape! Like we said, we’re a sucker for Pinterest pantry porn, so if you use any of these tips, make sure to tag us in your pics on Instagram and Facebook so we can gush over alllll the satisfying snack shelves. 

Happy sticking, stacking and snacking!