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5 reasons to take the stairs, not the escalator

One fab way to get those steps up and boost your fitness level is to bypass the lift or the escalator and get marching up those stairs. Whether it be at work, at your block of flats or at the shops – there are loads of chances to do a little bit of cheeky stair climbing. Here’s some fun facts about taking the stairs and how they can help your overall health – some of the benefits might just surprise you!

  • It’s good for your ticker

Climbing stairs every day definitely gets your heart pumping – which is probably why so many of us avoid them. But it’s time to embrace the climb! Even if it means working up a little bit of a sweat, just think of the lovely heart healthy benefits a burst of cardio each day can do for you. One study has even shown that just seven mins of stair climbing everyday can cut heart attack risk in half over 10 years! 

  • Burns more calories than a jog

We bet you didn’t know that you can burn up to 11 calories per minute by using stairs instead of lifts? This may not seem like much, but over time that adds up to a whole lot of burn! This can help you to lose weight or maintain a healthy one, and is a great way to expend energy without having to do anything too strenuous. 

  • It’s a super stress reliever 

Had a rubbish day at work? Silly row with your other half? Well, it’s time to unleash some of that frustration on your nearest staircase! Stomping up those stairs will give you a chance to let off some real steam and give you an outlet for your stress. It’ll also let off a whole lot of feel-good endorphins as you troop up and down, so your mood will lift again! 

  • Magnificent for your muscles

By taking the stairs, you’ll be using the muscles in your legs, back, arms – and even your abs! Because you’re exercising your hips and knees, it’ll help you to strengthen your bones and even improve your flexibility! This is especially important for women, who are more prone to osteoporosis. Who needs yoga, eh?

  • Less impact

Taking the stairs is also a great way to still get your exercise in if you’ve been injured or if high-impact movement is a bit too much for your legs or feet. Your feet and ankles are exposed to way less pressure by going up the stairs than they would be going for a run or job. But the good news is, they’ll still benefit from the brilliant muscle-building perks! 

So there’s five fantastic reasons why you should always take the stairs when you’re out and about. Oh and don’t forget to reward yourself with a cheeky Skinny Bar after a day of climbing up and down – you’ll have definitely earned it! 

Have a fab week,

Lots of Love, 

Team Skinny x