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5 reasons carbs arent really the devil…

No carbs before Marbs, carb cutting, carb-cycling – does anyone else feel like carbs get a blimmin’ hard time?! Since the beginning of time it feels like we’ve been taught that carbs are the source of all evil when it comes to weight gain, and if you’re anything like us, we can often find ourselves feeling SUPER guilty when we’ve overdone it with the pizzas, bread and pasta! Well, it’s time to fear the c-word no more! We have a revelation: eating carbs doesn’t have to be naughty! Yep, you heard us right people!

The truth is that carbs are a totally essential food group, which should be part of our daily diet – in moderation, obvs! Believe it or not you can still enjoy your carby snacks every now and again while sticking to a calorie control diet – which is what makes Skinny Bars so great! Do we contain carbs? Sure. Are we still under 99 cals per snack? Yes indeedy!

Here are a couple of reasons why carbohydrates aren’t so pesky after all, and why we need to ditch the guilt that comes along with them…

1) Carbs are brain food!

Did you know carbohydrates are your brain’s main source of energy? If we’re not getting enough then our brains start to get a little bit fed up. You might feel foggy, tired and even have stroppy mood swings! That’s because your brain’s favourite type of fuel is in low supply. A quick cup of coffee might give your brain a quick boost, but the best way to stay on the ball is to give your mind the energy it deserves by getting at least a small fix of carbs each day.

2) Carbs help you move more

If you’re trying to shed a couple of pouds on your weight loss journey, a moderate amount of carbs every day is a total must to keep your energy levels high! There’s nothing worse than trying to go for a jog or struggling through a Zumba class when you’re running on empty. You’ll end up burning out and you won’t get any fitter! If you’re trying to boost your fitness then trust us, little portions of carbs in moderation are your best pal.

3) They’re full of friendly fibre

It’s no secret that all food groups are important when it comes to staying healthy. Carbs are packed with fibre, which is full of lovely benefits such as boosting your heart health, gut health and digestion. Getting rid of carbs will mean you’re missing out on all of these! Oh and did you also know that Skinny Crunch bars can also give you a fabulous fibre boost?

4) They’re especially important if you’re a Mum-to-be

Carbs are also a clever source of starch – another important bit of body fuel. If you’re about to be a new mum, starch can really help to keep you going and nourish your baby, as part of a balanced diet of course. Starchy foods are an important source of energy, some vitamins and fibre, and help you to feel lovey and full without containing too many calories! Starchy foods that will help you and baby moderation include bread, potatoes, breakfast cereals, rice, pasta, noodles and oats. If you are having chips, try to go for oven chips that lower in fat and salt.

5) They taste blimmin’ good!

Let’s be honest – who doesn’t love the taste of carbs, whether it’s grains, sugars or a bit of ‘beige food’ every now and again?! It’s important to remember that we’re more likely to reach our goals if we give ourselves the occasional reward along the way. Life’s too short to calorie count the whole time. And when you can indulge in Skinny treats that are less than 99 calories and guilt-free – there’s simply no need to be too restrictive! It sounds like it’s time to treat yourself…

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