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10 Skinny Drinks To Order At The Pub

We’re so excited to let our hair down, head to the pub and get ourselves a well earned drink! And let us tell you, we’ve not been this excited since we dropped our last new Skinny Whip flavour! If there’s one thing we love more than a good snack, it’s a good bevy! And is there anything better this July than getting based in your fave beer garden or cocktail terrace and sipping on the sweet tastes of summer?!  

Sadly though, it’s not just the *slightly* terrible hangovers that can be the downside of a night on the booze – it’s the fact that many of our fave tipples are loaded full of secret sugars and therefore a ton of calories. It’s not all bad news though. If you’re watching your calories or even on a strict diet, you can still indulge in a couple of drinks and stay within your count, as long as you’re smart about which bevs you order, obvs! Okay so sadly, Piña Coladas are never gonna be the best for you… But there are way more low-calorie drinks on the menu than you probably ever realised. Here’s our top ten of them, so you can navigate that drinks menu without falling off the diet wagon altogether:

Gin & slim 

If you simply can’t live without your G&T then don’t worry – you don’t have to! Next time you’re at the bar, just ask for a gin and slimline tonic instead. This will instantly shave 60 calories off every single goblet of your fave tipple. (It’s our go-to here at Skinny HQ too!) 

Skinny G&T

Vodka soda

Did you know that soda is totally calorie-free!? That means you’re only drinking around 69 calories from a single ounce of vodka. Compare that to a G&T, which would see you sipping over 200 cals. Soda is also a great mixer because it hydrates you and doesn’t have any hidden sugars.

Bloody Mary 

As it’s made mainly from vodka and fresh tomato juice, a Bloody Mary is one of the lowest calorie cocktails around. It’s definitely an acquired taste, but at 200-400 calories a glass compared to an insane 650 cals in a Pina Colada – we’d say it’s a taste worth trying! Remember that the amount of calories this cocktail has depends on whether you’re drinking a premixed one or not, so always remember to check and keep your calorie count in check. 

Bloody Mary!!

A pint of stout 

Good news for those of y’all who love your brown ales! It might sound a bit unbelievable, but one pint of stout only has around 200 calories in it. Not bad at all for a drink that’ll last you a long time. Oh, and stout also has the added benefit of high iron content – with one pint containing around 5-7% of your recommended daily intake. 


When you want a super simple, low-cal cocktail, you just can’t go wrong with a classic martini. Not only is the vodka low in cals, but this cocktail is mixed with nothing that’s high in sugar. Plus, it’s garnished with a cheeky green olive which is high in heart-healthy monounsaturated fats. Surely that’s got to account for something, right!?


A light beer

Beer sure does have a bad rep when it comes to bloating and weight loss, and we bet you probably didn’t expect it to pop up on this list! In actual fact, not all beers are loaded with calories. By opting for a ‘light’ version of your fave bottled beer is a sure way to knock off at least 60/70 calories off your pint.

Mojito (without the syrup!) 

Regular mojitos usually contain about 170 calories each – which is surprisingly light considering how sweet they taste! By removing one key ingredient though, you can instantly knock off around 80 calories from your fave minty cocktail. Next time you’re ordering one at the bar, ask your server to leave out the syrup – easy.


Red wine

Another one you definitely didn’t expect to be on this list eh! Believe it or not, a single glass of red won’t actually set you back too many calories. A large glass of organic red wine in particular will tot up only around 125 calories. The drier the wine, the less calories it will contain. Red wine is also thought to have some health benefits too (when sipped in moderation, obvs!). These include certain antioxidants that promote longevity and are thought to help prevent heart disease and inflammation. 

Red Wine

Rum & diet coke

Since diet coke is absolutely free of calories, any drink that’s mixed with it is likely going to be low in sugars and fat. That’s why a rum and diet coke is the perfect choice if you’re counting cals, as you’ll only have to count the alcohol! Each glass is around 180 cals each. 

  • Champagne 

We’ve saved the best till’ last here lovelies! Who’d have thought that our favourite fancy drink could be so low in cals?! When it comes to the champers, brut or extra-brut champagne means “dry”, which also means there’s naturally much less sugar in these types. In fact, a glass of the gorgeous fancy fizzy stuff tots up only around 90 cals. That’s even less than a Skinny Whip! In that case, we’ll take a bottle….


So there you have it! 10 drinks you can sip on without feeling too naughty this summer. Don’t forget that summer is for enjoying yourself. Don’t get too caught up in counting your calories and if you are managing to be super strict, then make sure you give yourself the odd cheat day here and there, and blimmin’ well order that Piña Colada. You deserve it!