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🎊 Mother’s Day Giveaway Winners! 🎊

After our International Women’s Day giveaway left us feeling so warm and gooey inside, we wanted to do another nominee giveaway for Mothers Day, and the stories again didn’t disappoint! You gorgeous lot are fab and now we know where you all get it from… so we just have to spread the joy of why you voted for your Mummas to receive our Skinny Bars bouquet prize! 

Special mention to Jody Bunting for the inspo when you created your very own Skinny Bars bouquet for your mum! We loved it and simply had to share the love. 

All the Mums nominated sounded wonderfully deserving, but six in particular caught our eye, so our Skinny Family winners are: 

🌸 Deb Jones

🌸 Emily Booker

🌸 Sara Beckingham

🌸 Joanne McLaughlin

🌸 Gemma Cussens

🌸 Olivia Bourne

Congratulations lovelies, it sounds like you all have some completely kick-ass Mumsies, and to help you make Mother’s Day this year extra special, we’ll be sending out your Skinny Bars Bouquets (so keep an eye on your inbox for a message from Team Skinny)! 

We asked you about a time your Mum did something extra sweet for you, and you left us beaming as we read answers like ‘I was going to Australia for a year and had a meltdown about packing my bag. My beautiful Mum packed it for me’, ‘came over to our house throughout the pandemic to assist our daughter with maths while we worked’, ‘buys me a Mother’s Day and birthday present from my daughter (single mum)’, and even ‘I really wanted a onesie that I had seen online but it went out of stock so my mum bought the fabric and hand sewed me one instead’! Amazing!!! 

You described your Mums as ‘funny, kind hearted, humble’, ‘thoughtful, beautiful and my best friend’, ‘determined, caring and selfless’, but as well as these fab qualities, you also thought your Mummas had super powers, including ‘being able to run marathons and not get tired’, ‘being able to make everything better with a cuddle’, ‘being my Dad’, and even being ‘a mathematical genius’: blimey! 

We got some fab advice from your Mums too, like ‘never give up in tough times’, ‘if in doubt leave it out’, ‘always be the bigger person’ and ‘every choice has consequences’ and now have a bunch of weekend ideas to do with our Mums when you told us about your fave ways to spend quality time with you Mummas. ‘Having afternoon tea’ was a popular one, and plenty of you said you loved shopping together: ‘A trip to B&M to hunt for Skinny Bars’ is of course our fave, but we’re a bit biassed! 

So there you have it, a bunch of lovely things said about a bunch of lovely Mums who are about to receive a big bunch of Skinny Bars ‘flowers’! Wishing all the Mumsies, guardians or single-Dad-Mums out there a blimmin’ wonderful Mother’s Day this year. 

Loads of love, Team Skinny xoxo