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International Women's Day

🎊 International Woman’s Day Giveaway Winners! 🎊

Of all the announcements and giveaways we’ve done, this has definitely left us feeling the fuzziest! We asked you to fill in some short answers to questions about one particular kick-ass woman in your life who deserves a cheeky lil’ treat this IWD. We saw that you nominated your besties, your family, your friends who are grandparents or carers, even your colleagues, and reading all your answers to our questions about your gal pals has left us with a little extra spring in our step for woman-kind today!

They all sounded like wonderfully deserving women, but ten in particular caught our attention, so our Skinny Family winners are: 

🌸 Lesley McCormick

🌸 Rachel Meeham

🌸 Helen Relf

🌸 Fiona Graham

🌸 Amanda Thompson

🌸 Sandra Hinge

🌸 Tracey Miller

🌸 Phoebe Smithies

🌸 Cathy Duffy

Congratulations lovelies, it sounds like you have some kick-ass women in your lives and to celebrate that, we’ll be sending you out a big mixed box of Skinny goodies for you and for your nominated lovely lady to enjoy (so keep an eye on your inbox for a message from Team Skinny)! 

So many of you told us that you chose your nominees because they have helped you through health difficulties, laughed with you and supported you, and have always been there through thick and thin (and lord knows it’s been a rough couple of years for many!). Their super powers were things like ‘her huge heart’, ‘kindness beyond measure’, ‘making everyone feel like they matter’, and our personal fave, ‘queen of positivity, strength and resilience – Wonderwoman eat your heart out!’ Yas!!!

Not to mention how blimmin’ hungry it made us reading through your answers to ‘if you were a dessert combo that went together perfectly, what would you be?’: ‘a mango meringue and ice cream’, ‘strawberries and cream’, ‘cheese and crackers’, and even ‘a warm gooey sticky toffee pudding with silky smooth custard’ (yum!) 

Everyone deserves a bit of ‘me-time’ every now and then, and your reasons ranged from being ‘a mum of two, works full time, underwent major back surgery and still asks others and does all she can to help everyone’ to how ‘she works so hard, and is so generous of her time, her help – and her food! A wonderful friend and supportive colleague’. Just wow, you lovely ladies rule (and we love a gal who’s generous with her food…)!

When we asked you what three words describe a truly fierce female, you came back with empowering answers like ‘presence, love, kindness’, ‘strong, determined, caring’, ‘confidence, determination and self-belief’. They sound so inspiring! This has truly reminded us what it means to be a fierce female this IWD, but also what it means to be a fabulous friend every day.

If you missed out on nominating a gal pal this time, don’t worry, we have another naughty nominating giveaway coming up soon, so make sure you’re signed up to our emails to find out how and when to get involved next time…

Happy International Women’s Day to all you wonderful women out there, may you keep kicking ass, keeping smiling on and keep snacking hard!

Lots of love,

Team Skinny



*We haven’t listed the names of all 10 winners above as some of our winners wanted to remain anonymous.